Copper in the Arts

December 2021

Freeport Art Plaza Unveils New Sculpture

By Paul David

The Freeport Art Plaza, a permanent public works commission in front of the Freeport Art Museum in Illinois, unveiled a new metal sculpture made of bronze, copper, brass, and stainless steel. The piece Bridge Beyond Time: Past, Present and Future is intended to engage and challenge visitors to consider the history and future of their community.

The mixed media piece, created by Corrina Sephora, depicts row boats and ores, allowing people to connect with the museum in their own personal way. "In terms of leaving a legacy for the future, for the next generations of people to follow their dreams, to create from the heart," Corrina says, referring to the lasting imprint of this new work.

pdavid.jpgBridge Beyond Time: Past, Present and Future by Corrina
Photograph courtesy of Freeport Art Museum

Sephora is a mixed media artist working in a variety of mediums who resides in Atlanta, GA. According to her own biography, Corrina works with universal and personal themes of loss and transformation, within the context of contemporary society. For the last decade, she has worked with the form of boats as a point of inspiration in narratives of family, memory, and personal history, imbuing it with symbolism of the journey of life.

Sephora’s artistic journey began in childhood, helping her father in his workshop. “As a young child, I sat with my grandfather, who was a retired sea captain as he made ship models,” she recalls.

After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art, she moved to Atlanta. Sephora says she is influenced by the vibrant artistic community and the Cherokee and Creek people who, at one time, walked on these lands.

She teaches metalworking through her studio and has previously been an adjunct professor in the Art and Visual Culture department at Spelman College as well as a professor of art at Georgia State University, University of Georgia, and Savannah College of Art & Design.

Sephora incorporates copper and it’s alloys in numerous sculptures including: Freedom of Flight, fabricated steel and copper, The Oarsman, copper and steel, and From the Mountains to the Ocean, forged steel, copper, and cast iron and The Walking Boat, forged, fabricated, and patinated copper.


Freeport Art Museum, 121 N. Harlem Ave., Freeport, IL, (815) 235-9755

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