About CDA

Mission Statement:

Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA) brings the value of copper and its alloys to society, to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Who We Are:

  • The world’s foremost resource on copper and copper alloy applications.
  • The link between world copper producers, copper product fabricators, and key decision makers in end-use markets.
  • A team of talented, dedicated and professional individuals committed to the sustainable use and application of copper materials and products.

What We Do:

  • Positively influence the use of copper and its alloys in the marketplace.
  • Develop and share meaningful, credible, scientific knowledge related to the production, use, and recycling of copper and copper alloy products.
  • Support and promote technologies, systems, applications and solutions, in which copper materials play a role.  
  • Encourage corporate and environmental responsibility throughout the copper value chain.

What We Believe:

  • Copper, its alloys, and its products are critical to the function of society.
  • The unique combination of copper’s beneficial properties – its reliability, durability, sustainability, antimicrobial action to drive product performance and is unmatched by any other engineering material.
  • The use of copper products and systems will help the world address the challenges of climate change, responsible material production and use, the clean energy transition, and the electrification of transportation.
  • Members are at our core. It is only through robust member engagement, guidance, and action that we can positively influence the use and application of copper to the benefit of society.
  • Sustainability is the responsibility of all. Through a full copper value chain approach, in coordination with policy makers, end users and others, we will continue to be responsible stewards of this important natural resource.

Who is CDA:

Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA) is a U.S.-based, not-for-profit association of the global copper industry, bringing together the North American copper and copper alloy semis fabricators and global copper mining and production industries. CDA is committed to promoting the proper use of copper materials in sustainable, efficient applications for business, industry and the home.