UPDATE: The Energy Efficiency and Copper Motor Rotor sections have moved to the new Sustainable Energy section.

Since the beginning of the electrical age, copper has been recognized for its unique and beneficial qualities in elecrical applications.

CDA promotes the effective use of copper materials in several sections on the web site:

  • Building Wire - Emphasizing residential and commercial elements, this section contains information on copper wiring systems for households and small commercial construction. You will find some articles pertaining to power quality issues.
  • Power Quality - In this section, numerous case histories and articles that discuss grounding, lightning protection, surge protection devices, proper wiring for sensitive loads, and harmonics can be found. It includes practical solutions that can diminish the severity or frequency of power problems. There are also several white papers that present discussions on these topics and there is an abbreviated list of recommended practices.
  • Busbar Applications - This section includes AC and DC ampacity tables, mechanical properties, sources, and additional engineering information.
  • Industry Links