1997 Press Releases

  • September 23
    Copper Industry Welcomes IBM's Semiconductor Breakthrough
    Copper Development Association President Robert M. Payne today lauded IBM's milestone accomplishment of using copper instead of aluminum for the circuitry in silicon chips. "The copper industry has been watching and waiting for this signal achievement for nearly a decade," he said. "This is the last link in a now unbroken copper chain comprising the electronic data path between user and computer.
  • June 5
    U.S. Copper Consumption Reaches Record High
    Domestic consumption of copper and copper alloy mill products reached a record high in 1996 of 7,591 million pounds, a 2.9% increase from the revised 1995 level of 7,374 million pounds.
  • April 1
    Snow Construction Relies on Copper Plumbing
    Snow Construction Inc., a custom home builder in Osceola County, Florida, near Disney World, appreciates the value of copper plumbing. "Sure we could save a few pennies and try plastic," says Nick Gross III, the company's second-generation CEO, "but we're in a quality business. Why mess with something you know is good?"
  • March 3
    Copper Heat Recovery Device Could Cut Water Heating Bills in Half
    Homes with a new $180 waste heat recovery system could run three hot showers at the same time (or one right after the other) and still cut 30-50 percent off their total water heating bill.
  • March 3
    Plumbing Contractor Replaces Steel with Copper; Builds Florida and National Markets through Renovation Know-How
    A ten-year-old plumbing company has carved out Florida and other national markets by perfecting large-scale, short-term renovations, mainly replacing galvanized steel water distribution plumbing with copper.
  • January 21
    The Case for Copper Plumbing for Water Distribution
    Copper for plumbing tube and fittings is the material of choice for hot- and cold-water distribution piping in more than 85 percent of American homes.
  • January 21
    Copper Plumbing Expert, William E. Coffey, Dead at 74
    Following his retirement from CDA in 1993, Coffey remained active in the copper industry as director of the Copper Advisory Group, Ltd., a Longmont-based consulting firm dealing with codes, corrosion, fabrication and training programs.
  • January 20
    Copper Industry Update
    As we are all aware, the only thing consistent in the building construction industry is change. To meet the challenging demands of this ever changing industry, the copper industry continually strives to produce new or improved products, processes and standards for use in building construction.