CDA Membership Application

Membership Level

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  1. Applicants for membership in the Copper Development Association must have their primary business located in North America.

  2. There are two levels of membership. Please check the appropriate level:

    • In order to qualify for full membership, your company must fulfill the following requirements:

      Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of mining and/or beneficiation of copper ores or the smelting or the refining of copper, or the production of refined copper by solvent extraction/electrowinning or other hydrometallurgical processes, who delivers or sells copper products derived from the above processes in the North American domestic market, and any person, firm or corporation engaged in the fabrication or production of products made in North America, in whole or in part, from copper or copper alloys shall be eligible to become a member of the Association upon the terms and conditions prescribed herein for such members. All subsidiaries of a member are automatically included in the parent member's membership, provided that copper production of the subsidiary is properly accounted for, for purposes of dues assessment. Alternatively, a subsidiary may join as an independent member. When a subsidiary joins, their parent company does not automatically become a member. Applications for membership shall be presented to the Secretary, in writing, signed by the applicant and shall contain an agreement to the effect that said applicant, if elected to membership, will fulfill and perform all of the obligations and requirements of membership contained in these By-Laws and in any amendments which may from time to time be made thereto. Each such application shall also state the basis for the eligibility of the applicant.

    • If your company does not qualify for Full Membership, you may still qualify for Associate Membership, provided that your company meets the following criteria:

      Any person, firm, corporation, trade association or entity, other than a fabricator or a subsidiary of a fabricator, having its principal place of business in North America, not qualifying for membership of the Association under Section 1, that is engaged in business deemed by the Board of Directors to be significantly related to the copper business of the members of the Association, or engaged in business or participating in an activity deemed by the Board of Directors to be serving the interests of the Association, its members and the copper industry, and having a bona fide interest in increasing the beneficial use of and broadening the markets for copper and copper products in North America, may be elected as an associate member of the Association.

  3. Only an officer of your company may submit a formal request for membership. If you are not an officer of your company, you may still submit this application but an officer will have to submit the formal application forms.

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