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Copper is essential in our lives for a multitude of reasons

Our bodies depend on copper for neurological activity, for creating our own internal heat, and for communication between and among cells. Copper is the catalyst that helps certain foods make hemoglobin in our blood. The presence of copper is also necessary for the function of critical enzymes in our metabolism. In fact, a deficiency in copper is one factor leading to an increased risk of high cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

So we all need a regular intake of copper in our diet to maintain good health. But copper (natural element #29) in our natural environment is also important to our health.

Environmentally, copper is one of the friendliest metals around. Copper never goes bad - it can be recycled over and over again. It actually has the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal in the world. Copper also functions as a defense against germs - because it is naturally biostatic, bacteria growth is inhibited on its surface.

As you explore this portion of Copper In Your Home, you'll quickly see that copper is an essential material - and not only when it comes to electrical wiring, plumbing or architecture. It is a key ingredient in our health and it helps to maintain a sound, safe environment.


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