Copper News

This section contains selected news items higlighting copper applications in a variety of fields. For the complete archive of all of the news items, please visit the CDA Press Room.

Study Shows Copper Surfaces Eliminate MRSA

"Prairie Skyscraper" Exhibition Opens at National Building Museum

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Outdoor Plumbing Makes a Comeback

Yesterday's Puffs of Smoke Are Today's Pulses of Electrons

Super-efficient Motors with Copper Rotors Enter U.S. Market

Easy-To-Install Copper Roofing Shingles

Copper Plumbing Featured In Showcase Custom Home At IBS ShowVillage2006

A House Isnt A Home Without Copper

Builders Can Earn Federal Energy Tax Credits With Highly Efficient Geothermal Heating/Cooling Systems

New NFPA Code May Increase Installation Of Residential Fire Sprinklers

After 173 Days in Space, Copper Impactor Gets Ready to Hit Fast-Moving Comet

Going Green? Why Copper Is The Right Choice

House Wiring "Bundles" Could Be a Fire Hazard

Function, Not Fashion, Rules In Home Buying

Love to Barbecue? You're Not Alone- So Why Not Make It a Permanent Arangement?

Copper: The "Green" Metal Is Made to Last

Copper's Competitive Edge

Copper Surfaces More Effective than Stainless Steel at Fighting Spread of Germs

CDA Study Finds Attic Electrical Wiring Temperatures Pose Serious Risk

Homebuyers Expect High-Performance Communications Wiring

Copper Caps The New American Home 2004

How Dependable is Your Plumbing?

Copper "Tops" For New Homes Or Remodeling TOP

red arrow It's Everywhere: Copper Makes a Comeback: This article published by Cleveland, Ohio's Plain Dealer, highlights the fact that the homeowners have fallen in love with copper (again) on the exterior of our homes and that we appreciate the copper that is used inside the homes, even when we don't see the copper....

click on link on the right Flame-Colored Copper Process: How a mother-son duo makes fine art items by using flame heat to bring out varied colors in copper objects....

click on link on the right Copper Shines on Prime Time: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Hometime TV shows spotlight copper for residential makeovers.... TOP