Copper is an amazing element. It transmits electricity and transfers heat efficiently. It delivers drinking water superbly. It’s an effective anti-fouling agent (kills algae, barnacles and worms at sea) and antimicrobial surface (kills infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses in the indoor environment). Yet, it is essential nutritionally for a healthy life. Designers, architects and manufacturers appreciate that copper is aesthetic, durable, versatile, easy to shape, join (bolt, rivet, solder, braze, weld), melt, alloy and synthesize into thousands of useful chemicals. The aesthetic colors and textures of copper alloys are cherished and its recyclability is highly valued. Copper is important and sustainable to our economy.

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The U.S. Copper Industry: Critical to Keeping the U.S. Operational

In these times of social distancing, work from home, shelter in place, and shortages of critical medical, health, and life infrastructure it has never been more clear which industries, products, and services are essential to our lives. Not just nice to haves but need to haves.

Copper Timeline

Scroll through the past 11,000 years on this powerful timeline to observe how copper has advanced human civilization – from the Stone Age to the Modern Age… and into the future. Click on 175 stories and enjoy digging deeper with over 1,000 links to help satisfy your curiosity.

Civilization and Copper: The Codelco Collection

This attractively designed book published by the world's largest copper mining company describes and illustrates copper's use and heritage from antiquity to the 21st century, all around the world. Learn how civilizations used copper to make jewelry, ornaments, utensils, weapons, religious objects, money, scientific and musical instruments, machinery and artwork – as well as new uses that are innovating our world today.

12 Interesting Facts about Copper 

A collection of interesting facts and figures relating to copper and its many applications.

From Ore to Finished Product

Learn more about copper production.

Copper and Copper Alloys

This YouTube™ webinar discusses copper's history, properties, production, alloy families, and select alloys.

History of Copper

Copper is one of the oldest and most useful metals used by humans. Important technological milestones were enabled by advances in the use of copper and its alloys. See: History of Copper in the U.S., 60 Centuries of Copper, Copper Timeline, and Civilization and Copper: The Codelco Collection.

The Statue of Liberty

Learn about copper's role in providing strength and beauty to our most enduring symbol of freedom.

Copper & Kids

Educational resources for kids and teachers.

Additional Resources

Applications: Copper in architecture, automotive, electrical, tube/pipe/fittings, fuel gas, industrial, seawater, machined products and telecommunications.

Innovations: CDA's online magazine (1997-2007).

Copper In Your Home: Copper in communication, home construction, decor, health & nutrition, education and play. 

Standards & Properties: Metallurgical and property information about copper.