Join Us As A Member

We invite all eligible companies to join CDA as a member. View our listing of CDA Members

Under the association by-laws, there are two types of companies eligible for full membership: producers and fabricators. Our producer members are mainly mining companies. They dig the raw materials out of the ground, refine it, and process it into raw copper. Our fabricator members take the raw copper from the producers and manufacture bulk products like copper sheets, tubes, and wires.

Only companies who fall into these two main categories are eligible for full membership in the association. Organizations or companies that are not producers or fabricators can still join CDA as Associate Members.

If you are a qualified company and would like to submit an application for membership, either as a full or associate member, please fill out the Membership Application Form. A CDA representative will be in touch regarding your application.

All members are assessed dues to the association based upon their sale of copper and copper based products. Associate Member dues are determined slightly differently. If you are interested in Associate Membership, you can view the general Associate dues structure on the Associate Membership page.

Please see our Membership Requirements page (CDA bylaws) and Dues Supplements to determine whether your company is qualified to be a member of our association. For a description of the many benefits of membership in CDA, please see our organizational objectives and mission statement. Our Member Brochure lists out the many benefits of joining the Copper Development Association as well. 

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us.