Copper application areas cover a wide variety of different disciplines. Please check the specific areas that you are interested in to explore more in-depth information about each discipline.

  • Architecture
    See the latest application of copper and copper alloy materials in all aspects of architecture, both exterior and interior ...
  • Automotive
    Copper is an essential component of many of the latest design elements in today's cars.
  • Electrical
    Copper's high conductivity makes it the ideal material in a wide variety of electical applications including:
  • Tube, Pipe & Fittings
    Copper tube is the highest quality material available today for a variety of building applications including plumbing, fire sprinklers and more.
  • Fuel Gas
    Copper tube is an excellent choice for natural gas piping systems.
  • Industrial
    Copper serves as an essential material in a vast number of industries including electronics.
  • Marine 
    Copper's unique properties make it ideal for many applications in the harsh environments of marine.
  • Machined Products
    Copper alloy rod and bar products are well suited for.
  • Telecommunications
    Communications are the backbone of today's fast-paced businesses, and copper wiring is at the core of those systems.