Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • Guide to Nickel Aluminum Bronze for Engineers [PDF]
    This publication aims to give an engineering overview of the properties of the alloys, their specifications and their applications for operators, designers, manufacturers and fabricators. Their corrosion behaviour is explained and guidance is given to obtain optimum service performance. Methods of manufacture, welding and fabrication are described and a list of references and useful publications is provided. The Appendix covers full details of designations, specifications and related composition and mechanical property requirements. (CDA UK Publication 222, January 2016, 100pp)
  • Effects of Microstructure on the Seawater Jet Impingement Resistance of Nickel Aluminum Bronze
    Nickel-aluminum bronzes are metallurgically complex alloys. Small variations in composition can result in markedly different microstructures. In a previous study, the microstructures of selected alloy compositions were characterized and correlated with seawater corrosion resistance. The present study discusses the results from seawater jet impingement tests conducted on these same alloy compositions.
  • Effect of Composition and Microstructure on the Seawater Corrosion Resistance of Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
    Nickel aluminum bronze alloys were developed to minimize the occasional instances of selective phase attack or dealuminifaction observed in aluminum bronze under certain conditions. However, in order to attain the best combination of properties in nickel aluminum, its chemistry must be controlled. This paper illustrates the effort of alloy chemistry and heat treatment on microstructure. This, in turn, had an effect on quiescent seawater corrosion resistance.