2001 Press Releases

  • November 30
    CDA Offers Customer-Contact Mailer To Telecom Installers
    A ready-to-mail consumer brochure, containing the Top 10 Questions customers should ask themselves when evaluating their communications wiring needs, is available for communications wiring installers and systems integrators from the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA).
  • September 8
    CDA Supports NEMA Premiumâ„¢ Efficient Motor Program
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) today announced its support of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA Premiumâ„¢ Efficient Motor Program. This program represents the consensus of the U.S.
  • August 22
    Top Municipal Officials and Industry Leaders to Examine Energy Solutions for California in Series of Forums
    The California Energy Commission (CEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies (DOE-OIT) BestPractices Program are jointly hosting a three-part series of forums for industrial managers focusing on "Energy Solutions for California Industry: Ways to Improve Operations and Profitability."
  • July 27
    Copper's Construction Marts Remain Strong
    Copper consumption in building construction markets is holding up well. Preliminary data published by the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA) show that 39 percent of the record 9.6 billion pounds of copper mill products shipped to the domestic market in 2000 went into the wire, cable, tube and sheet products that CDA classifies as important portions of the building construction sector.
  • July 10
    U.S. Copper Consumption Reaches Record High, Again
    For the fifth-straight year domestic consumption of copper and copper alloy mill products reached a record high. The 2000 level of 9,551 million pounds is a 4.2% increase from the revised 1999 level of 9,169 million pounds and a 25.9% increase from 1995 levels.
  • March 28
    CDA Offers Customer-Contact Mailer For Electricians And Electrical Contractors
    A ready-to-mail consumer brochure, containing a 10-question checklist of likely customer needs, is available to electricians and electrical contractors from the Copper Development Association.
  • February 28
    Die-Cast Copper Rotor Improves Motor Efficiency
    Motors using new, die-cast copper rotors reduce electric energy losses by 15-23 percent, compared with motors using identical aluminum rotors, the current industry standard, according to Dr. John Cowie, vice president for sheet, strip and plate for the Copper Development Association.
  • February 22
    Usage Increase Points to Rosy Future
    The applications for copper have gone through countless changes for 10 millennia, and the new millennium is no different. The more we use copper, the more we find out about the wondrous things it can do and what it can do for us.
  • February 9
    Recent FCC Ruling Makes 'Quad' Phone Wiring Obsolete
    As of July 2000, the use of old-style, four-onductor "quad" telephone and communications wiring is no longer permitted for residential or commercial installations, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
  • February 9
    How Dependable Is Your Home's Plumbing?
    When it comes to plumbing systems, the indisputable fact is that copper is the least likely material to cause household problems. Yet even though more than 80 percent of homes in the United States rely on copper pipe and fittings, there is a growing use of plastics in plumbing systems, mainly because of lower material costs.
  • February 9
    In The "Live/Work 2001" Showcase Project, Homes, Shops And Copper Products Happily Coexist
    Downtown redevelopment has proved to be a thorny conundrum faced by city planners, developers and property owners alike-not to mention almost everyone who lives or works in a metropolitan center today.
  • February 9
    Copper Fuel-gas Tubing Cuts Florida Utility Costs
    The homebuilding boom along southwest Florida's Gulf Coast offered an unprecedented growth opportunity in the 1990s to newly-merged utility TECO/Peoples Gas.
  • February 9
  • February 9
    CDA Debuts Telecom Installation Videos
    Telecommunications wiring for voice, video, data, security and Internet service is as important in residential construction as it is in business and industry workplaces.
  • January 30
    Valentine's Day Lovers Delight: Chocolate Is Rich in Dietary Copper!
    It's soothing, sinful, and sublime. It's enticing and luscious on the tongue. Its hedonistic pleasures were once reserved for Aztec kings, newlyweds and Spanish royalty.