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Here we have provided a list of links to CDA's main site sections, other Web sites, industry experts, magazines/publications that have useful information on various uses and applications of copper.

CDA presents these links as a service to its members and other Internet users. Due to our reliance on information provided by outside sources, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or other sites to which we link. The links provided were deemed useful to our members and other Internet users at the time the links were set up. Please keep in mind that as the sites change their content over time, they may or may not contain useful information at the time any given user might visit any particular site listed here.

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CDA Links

  • Architecture FAQs: Answers to questions about architectural products and applications.
    • Recent Projects and Details: A library of interesting and technologically innovative copper projects.
    • New Products: A listing of recent developments in architectural copper products.
    • Finishes: Presents extensive reference data on weathering, coloring and coatings.
  • Copper and Human Health: Information on copper’s role in health and nutrition for humans, as well as for plants and animals.
  • CDA's Informational Brochures: Concise information about different copper applications.
  • Plumbing FAQs: Consumer questions related to copper plumbing applications.
    • Resources & Tools: Valuable information resources and tools for consumers, home builders, plumbers, and contractors and engineers.
    • Overview: Description of products, processes and methods used in manufacturing and installing copper tube and fittings.
    • Applications: Listing and brief descriptions of widely accepted copper system applications.
    • Copper DX Geothermal Heat Pumps: Learn about the earth-coupled copper ground source heat pump systems.
  • Fuel Gas FAQs: Answers to questions about copper fuel gas distribution systems in homes.
    • Introduction: A brief overview of copper fuel gas (both natural gas and LP) distribution systems.
    • Copper Advantages: Describes key advantages to builders, contractors and building owners using copper.
    • Fuel Gas Links: Listing of selected links to fuel gas industry sites and resources.
  • Recent News: Latest news about copper developments.
  • Innovations: CDA's online magazine covering technical articles on leading-edge copper applications.
  • Building Wire: Set of links with additional information on copper wiring and related questions.
  • Telecommunications: Collection of publications, information, etc related to copper uses in telecommunications area.
  • Find Copper Suppliers: A searchable database listing of U.S. Fabricators, Service Centers, and other copper manufacturing companies.
  • Discover Copper: Our semi-annual general interest publication on all things copper.
  • 60 Centuries of Copper: Intended for the reader who is interested in the general history of copper mining, the development of metal-working processes and the uses of copper through the past six thousand years.
  • History of Copper in the U.S.: The history of copper production and consumption throughout American history to present day.
  • Copper Facts: A collection of interesting facts and figures.
  • Ore to Finished Product: A brief step-by-step description of the modern copper production process
  • Statue of Liberty: Interesting facts about our most enduring symbol of freedom and the part copper plays in her lasting beauty and strength.
  • Through the Ages: A collection of historical copper related images.


Sites With Related Content

  • This Old House: Information and other interesting details from the long-running TV program, and related magazines, etc.
  • Ask The Builder: An informative site with plenty of DIY tips and resources.



  • Newsletters section contains current and archive isssues of our periodical publications, Discover Copper Online (formerly Discover Copper/Copper Topics), Building & Architecture News and Innovations.
  • Publications List is an on-line version of our permanent publications list which includes print, web only and other media publications that cover most applications of copper and copper alloys.