Associate Membership

Copper Development Association Inc. invites you to apply for a charter associate membership in the Association.

CDA has recently established a new membership category in response to the desire by many companies, such as yours, to become more involved in the important work of the Association. As an industry leader and member, you will enjoy the benefits of direct contact with the full network of your colleagues as well as a first-hand connection to CDA's extensive marketing, education and technical development programs. Importantly, you are offered the opportunity to:

  • Participate in CDA meetings with regular members, subject to policies of the Board of Directors
  • Be represented on appropriate CDA Product Councils, subject to participation policies of the Board of Directors and of the relevant Councils
  • Be qualified for member-company rates for all CDA seminars, conferences, training sessions and other events
  • Participate in and be eligible to sponsor activities or events at CDA meetings, seminars and training programs, including special programs or projects in conjunction with other members
  • Be included on the CDA master membership list to receive timely notices of events, seminars and meetings as well as other general information about the industry, including newsletters such as Copper Topics
  • Receive member-company rates on all CDA publications
  • Be listed on the CDA Web site and receive a link to your company's Web site
  • Have access to certain market intelligence information reserved for members only.
CDA provides information, education and technical resources related to the copper, brass and bronze metals. Its primary mission is to protect and to expand the market uses and applications of copper and copper alloy products through technical research and development and market promotion in the United States. We invite you to join in these efforts that will have a direct, positive impact upon your company and its markets.


The annual dues of associate members shall be in the amounts set forth in the following schedule, payable quarterly:
Your Annual Sales**Annual Membership Fee
$500,000 $2,500
$500,000 to $1M $5,000
$1M to $5M $7,500
$5M and above $10,000
** Annual gross sales for the previous calendar year of:
(i) products used in copper systems;
(ii) products used in the fabrication of copper systems;
(iii) manufactured products using a significant amount of copper or copper alloys; or
(iv) services related to the interests of the Association, its members and the copper industry.