Fuel Gas Systems

Welcome to the Copper Fuel Gas Distribution System section of the Copper Development Association (CDA). Please click on the links below for additional information.

Introduction: A brief overview of copper fuel gas (both natural gas and LP) distribution systems. Copper Advantages: Describes key advantages to builders, contractors and building owners using copper.
Copper Fuel Gas News: Selection of news items related to fuel gas systems.

Training & Meetings: Listing of events of interest to copper fuel gas systems.

Update reports on recent fuel gas system training events.
Specifying Copper Tube: Copper tube is available in a variety of types and sizes. Learn which type is right for you. System Sizing: Instructions on how to go about sizing the copper tube for the different pressure and gas flow requirements of your system.
System Choice and System Design: Low pressure? Elevated pressure? Combined system? Which best fits your application and how should the system be designed to take advantage of that choice? Design Figures, and Design Tables - Natural Gas Tables & LP Gas Tables: Figures of system design choices and system sizing and capacity data for copper tube with natural and LP gases.
Installation: To ensure the protection and safety of the system several procedures should be followed and the correct fittings should be used. Inspection & Testing: Once the system is installed it should be tested to ensure safety and reliability.

Project Managers & Piping Applications Specialists: Contact information for project managers and piping applications specialists who can help answer questions, etc.

Fuel Gas Links: Listing of selected links to fuel gas industry sites and resources.