How The Copper Industry Helps Solve Corrosion Problems

H.T. Michels, Copper Development Association Inc.


The copper industry provides a great deal of assistance related to corrosion, such as playing a major role in developing three non-leaded selenium and bismuth containing brass alloys, which may be substituted for leaded brass alloys in plumbing castings. The Copper Development Association Incorporated (CDA) recently organized a symposium for technical personnel, in companies which produce plumbing tube and fittings. Six experts on pitting of copper presented their views of the field. Together with the State of Connecticut it has developed data on copper in stormwater runoff from a copper roof at the University of Connecticut. The results showed that by the time the stormwater flowed through the campus stormwater systems, it was no longer acutely toxic to a sensitive aquatic organism.


This is the age of information overload. There is so much information available that it is difficult to find the right information related to a specific corrosion problem in a timely manner. The copper industry, through the Copper Development Association (CDA), provides easily accessible technical information on copper and copper alloys to manufacturers, fabricators, end-users, consumers, teachers and students. Over 3000 pages of technical information related to copper, its alloys and their uses are available on our website. Copper and copper alloys are widely used because they combine unique properties at an economical price. These include high thermal and electrical conductivity, ease of manufacture and subsequent fabrication into components, attractive appearance, wide distribution, high recyclability and good corrosion resistance. This paper will illustrate how the copper industry strives to present user-friendly information to assist corrosion engineers in solving problems, using several specific examples.


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