Find Suppliers of Copper and Copper-based Products

Copper Development Association Inc. currently maintains three databases on sources for copper and copper alloy based products:

  1. Copper Alloy Supplier Database now covers both fabricators and servicenters!

    The fabricator listings are derived from CDA's Standards Handbook Part 5 - Sources, and covers manufacturers of products such as rod & bar, strip, sheet & plate, wire, and tube.

    Servicenters carry the same products as the fabricators but at retail rather than wholesale volumes. The servicenter listings are courtesy of the Copper and Brass Servicenter Association and is used with their permission. For further information regarding servicenters, contact Susan Avery at CBSA.

  2. Architectural Installation Contractors Database has been prepared for use by architects, engineers, contractors, and consumers as an informative source reference of contractors experienced with architectural copper systems.

  3. Architectural Product Manufacturers is a listing of manufacturers who produce sheet, shingles, gutters, decorative and engineered systems.

Please email us with any database changes or omissions you may be aware of, or if you are a supplier of copper or copper alloy building products and would like to be included in our database.