About a million distribution transformers are produced and sold annually in the United States alone. Virtually all electric power in the country passes through at least one of these units before it's consumed. The purchase of a premium, high-efficiency, copper-wound unit will result in significant savings over the life of a transformer compared to other alternatives.


Case Studies

  • Transformer Manufacturer Uses Only Copper
    Pennsylvania Transformer Technologies recounts the many reasons they manufacture their transformers exclusively from copper windings, including high reliability, better manufacturability, and smaller size. Choice of winding materials is a small portion of overall initial transformer cost.
  • Energy-Efficient Transformer Yields 156% ROI
    By applying life-cycle cost analysis, Herman Miller, Inc. achieved a seven-month payback period on the incremental cost of purchasing the most efficient transformer for their facility. Their Green Building/Facility Design Group uses lowest-total-owning cost analysis to reduce energy costs throughout the company. The practice can help your company also.