2006 Press Releases

  • December 6
    Copper Rotor Earns Prestigious Industry Award, Says CDA
    The Copper Development Association announced today that Siemens Energy & Automation in Alpharetta, Georgia, has won a prestigious industry award for a new line of AC motors featuring die-cast copper rotors. IndustryWeek magazine awarded a 2006 Technology and Innovation Award to Siemens and is featuring the new motor technology in its December 2006 issue.
  • October 6
    CDA's James Weflen Dies in California
    James O. Weflen, 56, former Western regional manager for the Copper Development Association, died unexpectedly September 26, in Encinitas, California.
  • September 5
    Study Shows Copper Surfaces Eliminate MRSA
    Scientists at the University of Southampton in the U.K. have found that Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) cannot survive on pure copper surfaces for more than 45 minutes. MRSA is an infectious bacterium that responds to only the strongest antibiotics and is a cause of often-fatal hospital infections in both the U.K. and the United States. The study, published in the July 2006 issue of the Journal of Hospital Infection, assesses the ability of copper and brass to eradicate strains of MRSA compared with that of stainless steel, which is commonly used for work and touch surfaces in healthcare facilities.
  • August 7
    "Prairie Skyscraper" Exhibition Opens at National Building Museum
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of "Prairie Skyscraper: Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower," an exhibition at the National Building Museum that honors the 50th anniversary of the completion of the historic building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
  • July 25
    CDA Offers Portable Electric Power Tips and Tricks
    A portable or backup power generator is a handy household utility that has been growing in popularity among homeowners in recent years, says the Copper Development Association. Manufacturers are producing quiet, lightweight models that are convenient for recreation and emergencies.
  • July 6
    Conference To Examine Global Copper Markets And Economic Outlook, Sponsored By Copper Development Association
    Sandra Pianalto, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, will examine U.S. economic and monetary policy at the Global Market Trends Conference, September 6-8 in Oak Brook, Illinois. She joins ten other speakers who will focus on the international copper industry and its markets now and through the coming year.
  • June 13
    Outdoor Plumbing Makes a Comeback
    The term "outdoor plumbing" may prompt unpleasant memories for anyone born before bathrooms moved indoors, but modern homeowners might want to consider adding exterior water service for convenience all around their homes.
  • June 8
    U.S. Copper Usage Declines in 2005
    Following an upturn in 2004, U.S. copper usage dropped to 7,471 million pounds in 2005. The 2005 level is a 6.2% decrease from the 2004's 7,962 million pounds. Exports of mill products in 2005 rose for the second year in a row, up 8.0% to 895 million pounds. Imports, at 1,169 million pounds, were nearly constant, edging downward 0.3% from 2004.
  • May 12
    Yesterday's Puffs of Smoke Are Today's Pulses of Electrons
    Smoke signals are simple enough to understand.
  • April 24
    Copper Roofing Seminars Teach New Skills Using Traditional Techniques
    Architectural and ornamental copper on residential and commercial buildings is experiencing a renaissance throughout the United States. To help meet the needs of this growing market, the Copper Development Association (CDA) is sponsoring a series of intensive hands-on training programs to teach construction personnel the techniques needed to properly install and maintain copper roofing and other architectural features.
  • April 12
    Super-efficient Motors with Copper Rotors Enter U.S. Market
    A practical die-cast copper rotor for electric motors has been the "holy grail" for motor manufacturers for many years.
  • April 3
    Copper Soldering and Brazing Guidelines Now Available in Spanish
    With the United States still riding a record five-year surge in new housing construction, the demand for skilled construction workers remains strong. And, like many industries, construction and contracting has seen a tremendous increase in the number of native Spanish-speaking tradesmen, who now account for approximately one-fifth of all worksite personnel.
  • January 11
    Electrical Power Quality Is Critical Inside New "High Tech" Homes, Says Copper Development Association
    Not long ago, electrical power quality - or PQ for short - was a concern only for a select few in government, business and industry. Now, PQ is coming home.
  • January 11
    Communications Wiring Report Card
    Recognizing that many homebuyers are not experts in communications wiring, the Copper Development Association has developed a blank "report card" to help them get the wiring they need for today's - and tomorrow's - communications requirements when shopping for a new home.
  • January 11
    Easy-To-Install Copper Roofing Shingles
    Builders can now install copper roofs as easily as any other roofing material, thanks to the availability of new lightweight copper shingles, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA).
  • January 11
    New NFPA Code May Increase Installation Of Residential Fire Sprinklers
    Copper tubing, long the standard in home plumbing systems, is also recommended for builders now faced with installing automatic residential fire sprinkler systems, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA).
  • January 11
    A House Isn't A Home Without Copper
    Here's a fact you may not be aware of: Without copper wiring and plumbing, many of the appliances and building systems that residential builders install for their clients simply wouldn't work.
  • January 11
    Builders Can Earn Federal Energy Tax Credits With Highly Efficient Geothermal Heating/Cooling Systems
    Thanks to the new federal energy act, homebuilders now have an economic incentive to build energy-efficient homes that not only help homeowners save money on their utility bills, but also are also much better for the environment.
  • January 11
    Copper Plumbing Featured In Showcase "Custom Home" At IBS "ShowVillage2006"
    Builders will learn about the benefits of copper tubing for residential water and gas distribution at the 2006 International Builders Show, which is expected to attract more than 100,000 home building professionals to this city January 11 to 14, 2006.