2005 Press Releases

  • November 21
    High Tech Wiring Is Best For High Definition, Says Copper Development Association
    Consumers are migrating in large numbers to high-definition television. According to the Copper Development Association (CDA), HDTV is not just high definition, it is also digital. In the home, these signals are routed to a HDTV via high-bandwidth communications cables.
  • November 21
    Old Homes Need Checkups on Wiring to Keep Pace with Code Changes, Says Copper Development Association
    Homes age just as people do. Sooner or later, both will require checkups. According to David Brender, national program manager for the Copper Development Association, as the baby boomers reach late maturity and old age, so goes the housing. The average age of the housing stock in the United States reflects the aging of its population, because a building boom accompanied the baby boom of the 1950s and 1960s to accommodate millions of new families and their children.
  • October 6
    Copper Makes an Entrance on "Hometime"
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) recently collaborated with the long-running PBS home improvement television series, "Hometime," to give a Minneapolis couple a dramatic new front entryway to their home.
  • September 28
    Can Copper Control Infectious Disease?
    A 2000-year history of the antimicrobial applications of copper metals has given rise to current efforts to determine their effectiveness in stemming infectious disease in healthcare and other public facilities, the food processing industry, and HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation) applications.
  • September 15
    Don't 'Fall' Behind on Plumbing Maintenance
    Cool autumn weekends are ideal for catching up on home maintenance projects that were better avoided during the dog days of summer. One item that should be on every homeowner's "to do" list is protecting your home's plumbing system from cold temperatures, which can cause pipes to freeze and burst.
  • September 12
    Copper Development Association Donates Copper Roofing for Missouri Camp's "Extreme Makeover"
    Copper roofing, flashing and a custom built cupola cap a new residence at Camp Barnabas in Purdy, Mo. The Copper Development Association (CDA), which represents manufacturers of copper used in a variety of building products, recently contributed 6,000 square feet of copper sheet metal for the largest "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" renovation to date - a summer camp in Southwest Missouri for children with special needs.
  • July 27
    Copper Heaters Improve Fuel Tank Safety on NASA's Return to Flight Mission
    Copper's superior heat-transfer properties are essential to new heating systems that replaced foam insulation in key areas on the Space Shuttle Discovery, which successfully launched into orbit on Tuesday, July 26.
  • July 19
    "Wired Homes" Are Still A Dream For Many
    According to the Copper Development Association, many new homes continue to be built with inadequate communications wiring for computers, entertainment systems and other forms of sophisticated home electronics. "Homebuyers are increasingly savvy about how they want their homes to be wired," says John Cowie, who tracks telecommunications applications for CDA. "In today's dream homes, high-performance communications are essential."
  • June 29
    After 173 Days in Space, Copper Impactor Gets Ready to Hit Fast-Moving Comet
    There will be more than fireworks exploding in the sky this Fourth of July. While most Americans enjoy local parades, backyard barbecues and the company of friends, NASA will be blasting open a comet far out in space, hoping to uncover valuable information about the nature and origins of the solar system.
  • June 20
    Going Green? Why Copper Is The Right Choice
    As the world's population continues to grow, increasing the demand on natural resources, many builders and consumers are realizing the importance of using recycled building materials wherever possible to create less impact on the land and to save energy.
  • June 14
    House Wiring "Bundles" Could Be a Fire Hazard
    New Research Leads to Electrical Code Change. Almost every home has electrical cables bundled together in various locations, and those bundled wires typically run through holes in the wood framing. Do such bundles get hot enough to create a fire hazard?
  • June 10
    Former Copper Association Leader George Hartley Dead at 82
    George M. Hartley, 82, former president of the Copper Development Association Inc., died June 4 in Hilton Head, S.C.
  • May 2
    Pipe Donations Help Out at H.O.M.E., Thanks to the Copper Development Association
    Every night, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than a half-million men, women and children across the United States search for shelter because they have no place to call home.
  • April 11
    Function, Not Fashion, Rules In Home Buying
    In the excitement of purchasing or building a new home, buyers often find it difficult to tell which features add real value to the home and which are merely "window dressing."
  • April 5
    Love to Barbecue? You're Not Alone —
    So Why Not Make It a Permanent Arangement?

    Barbecuing is one of the nation's most popular summer pastimes with most grill owners firing up at least 22 times between mid-May to September.
  • January 20
    Building a Better Electrical Motor: Copper Trade Group Leads the Charge for Better Motor Efficiency
    Higher-efficiency electrical motors could one day reduce our dependence on foreign oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions and help manufacturers stay economically viable by reducing energy costs, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA), which is leading the charge to improve electrical motor efficiency in the USA and abroad.
  • January 13
    Copper Surfaces More Effective than Stainless Steel at Fighting Spread of Germs
    New research indicates that a copper surface is more effective at preventing the spread of germs than stainless steel, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA).
  • January 13
    CDA Study Finds Attic Electrical Wiring Temperatures Pose Serious Risk
    When you're up in an attic on a sunny summer day, you know the meaning of hot. If there's a dark-color roof on the house, the heat buildup can be especially unbearable. Well, pity that home's electrical wiring - it has to perform in this superheated environment day after day.
  • January 13
    Copper's Competitive Edge
    Gas appliances, from high-end kitchen ranges and see-through fireplaces to outdoor barbecues, are among today's hottest homebuyer options. And, when installed using copper tubing, builders and their homebuyers realize significant cost-benefits, according to Andy Kireta Jr, national program manager for the Copper Development Association.
  • January 13
    Homebuyers Expect High-Performance Communications Wiring
    High-performance communication looms large in most visions of a dream home. Yet some new homes are still being built with inadequate communications wiring.
  • January 13
    Copper: The "Green" Metal Is Made to Last
    Recycling aluminum, plastic and glass products is second nature in many households today. But potential homebuyers don't often realize that building products made from copper, such as plumbing tube, electrical wire, roofing and gutters, are also recyclable.