The copper industry is a major contributor to the United States economy, directly employing approximately 40,000 jobs in 30 states and over 100 Congressional Districts while supporting local and regional economies and the creation of downstream employment opportunities for plumbers, electricians, automotive workers, and manufacturers. At the same time, copper enables a higher quality of life, is critical to the clean energy transition, is necessary for healthy water for our citizens, and benefits public health through its antimicrobial properties.

Policies at the Federal, State and Local levels can have important effects on the ability of the domestic copper industry to continue to provide innovative solutions which improve the lives of all Americans. As a result, the Copper Development Association works closely with our members, partners, and supporters to advocate and share the good news of copper and our priorities and views on a variety of important public policy issues.

While CDA advocates for copper-positive solutions directly through its Government Affairs office and staff as well as through the use of state and local lobbyists throughout the country, some of the most meaningful outreach is done by our members, sharing the copper story and priorities to their representatives. Our member efforts are amplified by the bipartisan Copper Caucus which seeks to support Congressional and public awareness of the benefits of copper.

Copper Caucus

Read More about the Copper Caucus

Government Affairs Committee

While CDA has been engaged in Federal and State advocacy for decades, in 2020 CDA formally created a new Government Affairs Committee (GAC). Read more about the CDA Government Affairs Committee

Policy Position

The Copper Development Association advocates for common sense policies which support the industry and our ability to continue to provide innovative solutions to improve the lives of all Americans. Read more about the CDA Government Affairs Committee Policy Position (updated August, 2021)

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