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  • Design Handbook
    The most comprehensive resource presenting as much information about copper's properties, existing technology and application to the educational design and construction field as presently exists.
  • Achievements
    Inspiration for Cladding, Roofs, and Custom Fabrications.
  • Copper in Architecture Awards
    The North American Copper in Architecture Awards recognizes and promotes North American building projects for their outstanding use of architectural copper and copper alloys.
  • Featured Projects
    A library of compelling copper projects.
  • FAQs
    Answers to frequently asked questions regarding architectural applications of copper.
  • Finishes
    Presents extensive reference data on weathering, coloring and coatings.
  • Educational Programs
    Description of training programs, videos, and other educational resources.
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
    Click here for an extensive list of various copper systems manufacturers.
  • Contractors
    Provides a list of architectural copper consultants and installation contractors.
  • Environment
    Discussion of effects of copper on various environmental systems.
  • New Products
    A listing of recent developments in architectural copper products.
  • Publications
    Selection of technical publications and reference materials.
  • Specifications
    Intended to to support the architect and specifier involved in the design of architectural copper systems.
  • Basic Details
    Provides basic details and techniques as a guide to the designer and engineer.
  • Suppliers
    Information on a number of databases on sources for copper and copper alloy products.
  • Design Assistance
    Program includes Document and Specification review and critique, and in-house work sessions.
  • Questions? Need Assistance?
    Contact our project managers and architectural applications specialists.