Copper in the Arts

December 2016

Copper Kingdom: Old World Inspired Copper Gaming Pieces

By Robyn Jasko

Handcrafted copper diceHandcrafted copper dice by The Copper Kingdom.

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Louis Anthony. 

Like many entrepreneurs and artists, Daniel Louis Anthony began his business by creating a product that didn’t exist in the marketplace. When he couldn’t find an adequate pair of copper dice, Anthony put his background in metal manufacturing to work, and launched his idea on the popular crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. Now five successful projects later, Anthony’s business Copper Kingdom, ships his unique line of handcrafted heirloom copper dice to gamers all over the world.

“My goal was to create a line of quality, handcrafted gaming pieces and accessories,” he says. “I'm starting out with dice as there's just not many options available to gamers in regards to having quality copper dice. The only other ones you see just have the standard pips just like the plastic injected dice. I wanted to create something that not only had a high quality feel when you roll it, but also had a unique design to more so match the gamer or theme of the game being played.”

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Anthony began working in metal manufacturing, acquiring the skills he needed to bring this vision to life.

“I've been working with metals for few years now, but just decided to branch out and design some of my own pieces,” he says. “The copper dice I'm making aren't like any others you'll see. These are solid, pure copper, (99.99%), not just copper plated or even different alloys of copper.”

Anthony sources all of his copper from the United States, and is looking to use reclaimed copper in the future as well.

“Eventually, I would love to be able to melt and recycle some of my own copper to make a few other pieces I have in mind for the future,” he says.

Each dice is handcrafted by Anthony, which makes each one slightly different.

“I use a caliper on each one to make sure that it's actually a perfect cube--if not, it's sanded more or tossed aside if it's not to spec,” says Anthony. “From there, they are sanded down, stamped with the desired design on each of the six sides, put into an antique solution, and then sanded down once more to make the surfaces shine. I then give them a stone tumbled effect to give them an aged look. This not only gives them a nice look, but makes you feel comfortable using them as they won't look scratched up.”

He has plans to expand the line into other gaming products, creating heirloom pieces that he hopes will be passed on for several generations.

“I believe in quality craftsmanship,” he says. “Our goal is to create a brand based around classic style gaming ideas that portrays hands-on workmanship using the highest quality components.”


The Copper Kingdom, Medford, OR

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