Steel. Steal.

The numbers say it all. In terms of finished part cost, free-cutting brass is a whopping > 19.9% less expensive than 12L14 leaded steel.

Surprised? Don't be. Brass may cost more up front, but brass turnings can be reclaimed for 75-85% of the original brass value (steel scrap is worthless). And while brass easily meets the yield strength requirements for small auto component parts, it's five times more machinable than steel. That means higher productivity and lower per-part cost. What's more, brass naturally resists corrosion, eliminating the need for costly protective plating.

Find out how brass can be a real steal. For technical data and sourcing information, contact the Copper Development Association at (800) CDA-DATA.

Transmission Cooling Fitting/1,000 parts*
$121.80 Raw Material Cost $339.12
-0.00 Scrap/Turnings Value -196.24
$121.80Net Raw Material Cost$142.88
+126.39 Cost of Machining +68.06
+15.12 Zinc Electrocoating +0.00
$263.31Total Cost$210.94
* Based on mid-1991 costs.